Sewn: Off the Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Top

June 12, 2018


It's getting hot out and I keep seeing this year's cold shoulder adaptation in the stores. Interesting sleeves are still the fashion de-jour. I ended up with a small yardage of leftover polyester print after I finished my halter style maxi dress, and was looking for a project that a) Doesn't use a lot of fabric b) Uses a free pattern c) Was easy to sew. This one hit all three marks.

Here is the back detail, and another shot of my 2nd day post curl hair. It's starting to get unruly! I need a cut STAT.


The funny thing about this top is that its construction method is practically identical to the Toddler Ruffle Sleeve Dress. The only difference is that the sleeves hang down instead of over the shoulder, and that you add extra shoulder straps instead of elasticizing the neckline. In reality, both are just different takes on the Peasant Dress. The fabric and sleeves make all the difference to how it wears.


Free pattern and video tutorial here! It's all in Spanish, but you can download the pattern and work it out fairly easily.

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