Sewn: Hudson Pant in Grey + Pattern Review

May 22, 2018

Hudson Pant

If I had a daily uniform, this would be it. When I want to get to work, I put my hair up, and get my comfy clothes on.

Hudson Pant

The Hudson Pant is the 2nd True Bias pattern I purchased (I've already made several Ogden Cami's), and I was impressed yet again. There are multiple print options and each comes in a separate file, which I appreciate. The instructions were clear and well illustrated. The whole thing came together in one day, but would likely have only taken a few hours without interruptions. There are clearly thought out details that result in a beautiful professional finish, even if these are just joggers. Basting here and there, plus pressing, really make a difference. Check out that waistband detail.

I cut these in a size 8, which is a size up from my usual 6, because I wasn't sure how clingy it would be. 8 was generous and comfortable, but I think next time I'll cut a size 6. I am a fan of the modern silhouette and extra long cuffs. I'm also happy that these were designed for a 5'5" person, which means I didn't have to alter the length at all.

Hudson Pant

I think I'll make a pair of these every year. I'm already planning my next one. In fact, I'm still wearing these as I type. They're so comfortable.

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