Sewn: Halter Maxi Dress

May 08, 2018


Oh the grumpy face is back. Thing is, I really am not good at posing for the camera, but I'm working on fixing my angles and my face is usually the last thing I remember. Getting more comfortable in front of a camera has become one of the main reasons I keep this website going, even if I hardly promote it. Up until this stage in my life I've mostly avoided photos of myself, not because I think I look terrible in person, but because the camera never seemed to capture 'me'. I always look surprised, or timid, or have weird expressions. It's strange feeling different than what you look like most of the time. SO now that I'm nearing my 40's, I'm working on working with what I've got. I want my outsides to reflect my insides a little better, to grow a little fiercer, and more accepting of my flaws.


There is an art to taking good photos and I'm learning as I go. One thing I have realized is that I prefer taking photos by myself. I set up with a timer, so that I can be more relaxed than if I had the dear husband impatiently shooting. If I were to buy a new camera I'd go with something that has a remote control, so that I could get good and ready for a shot, instead of running back and forth.

Some items of clothing are harder to photograph than others. Flowy maxi dresses fall into the 'hard' category. If you get even just a bit of wind your dress is going to go wherever it wants. Blousey elastic-waisted things also are so comfortable, but if you are larger busted, it's hard to make them look flattering in a photograph (and this is why fashion models are coat hanger sized). Photographs are not real life, you can fool the lens with all kinds of tricks, and that's exactly what models and photographers do with their angles. It's really fascinating, and something I'm enjoying awkwardly playing with.


This is the back detail of the dress. It's an adaptation of a romper halter pattern I sewed once before. This time I added an a-line skirt instead of shorts, and I'm very happy with how it turned out, whether or not it's flattering in the camera or not. I also lengthened the bodice by two inches, lined it, and shortened the shoulder straps. I really should have done a full bust adjustment, but that's a bit too technical for me right now.

The Free halter-top romper pattern is here.

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