Sewn: Oversized Raglan Sweater

April 17, 2018

Raglan Sweatshirt

I've never loved another sewing project more than this. This sweater is so soft and cozy that I could live in it every single day. The printed fabric is something I brought back from a trip to New York and a pilgrimage to Mood fabrics several years ago. I've been waiting for something lovely to sew out of it and I'm so glad it turned into this.

Raglan Sweatshirt

I made another version of this in plain black jersey, but I chose to size up this one and also to shorten it so that it fit more like a traditional sweatshirt.

I think I could also make this again as a top in one size down. I love a simple basic pattern that's infinitely modifiable. There are so many possibilities, and just switching up the fabrics makes a huge difference.

You can find theLadies Raglan Top pattern here.

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