Sewn: Toddler Peasant Blouse

December 19, 2017

Toddler Peasant Top

This past summer we (parents) discovered the joy that is a simple peasant top. Maybe not all parents have a wiggly child that despises getting dressed, but that makes buttons and clasps a major 'avoid' area in our kid's closet. The easier a top is to pull on, the better! And there are few things simpler than a peasant blouse/dress.

This one took about an hour to sew. All the edges are pinked, to save time finishing seams. I skipped the sleeve elastic and opted for a lace trim instead. It's breezy and bright. It's also long enough and wide enough that it could be worn as a top instead of a dress when she gets a little taller. I'm hoping we can squeeze two summers out of this one.

Toddler Peasant Top

You can find a tutorial here: A Christmas Tradition and Peasant Dress Tutorial.

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