Sewn: Sleep Shorts

November 22, 2016

Sleep Shorts

This was a project borne of hot summer nights, and the husband's dislike for pants in bed. I've always been a pajama pant person, or specifically, a jogging pants in bed person. Being the ultimate lazy person the ideal situation is: you just roll out of bed and don't have to change your clothes.

Unfortunately I do have to change when I go to the office, but on the weekends I live in comfort. These shorts are made from a super-soft black jersey, plus the remnants of an oversize jersey dress. I threaded an elastic through a waistband casing to keep it all in place.

E doesn't complain that I'm wearing pants in bed anymore and I get to wear shorts all day around the house in the summer. Win win.

FYI: Free pattern here via the Sewing Rabbit. I added a casing for a 1/4" elastic instead of using the elastic band that the pattern asks for.

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