Sewn: Wide Leg Shorts

August 24, 2016

Since the last pair of shorts went so well, I decided to make another pair. I found an old skirt I sewed, but is too small for me now post baby. Man, pregnancy can shift your proportions around, but that's a rant for next time. Meanwhile, LOOK.


I ran out of elastic, and necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Using these shorts as inspiration, instead of an elastic waist, I created four pleats in front, and two in the back. Then, I added a zipper to the back seam. You can see the back below.


I should have been smarter and added the zipper before I sewed up the crotch area of the pants, so there's a little bunching at the end of the zipper, but I think a good press will work that out. I think a good press will make them look better in general, but I was too excited to show you. Also - I hate ironing. SO here you are.


Instead of serging my seams, I did a Hong Kong finish, because I are fancy like that. I also took two inches off the bottom of this pattern. If you lengthen the pattern instead, you basically also have a pair of culottes. So many variations are possible here, plus it's so quick and easy that when baby woke up from her nap, mama was wearing new shorts. Magic.

Also, this is the third reincarnation of this duster. I love batik fabric so much I couldn't bear to give it away.

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