DIY Cork Drawer Dividers

May 10, 2016

Let me show you the contents of my drawers. Har har, enjoy the terrible pun?

There's not too much to be embarrassed about, because for once, they're actually organized! I made some dividers out of cork to corral the mess. Cork is soft and easy to cut, which made this a quick project that required nothing more than a utility knife. Note: you could totally use cardboard or foam board instead. Both those materials would be more stable than cork.

The directions are simple: Cut a length of cork the same length as your drawer, and make notches where you want width wise cross pieces to go. Cut notches into the cross pieces. Fit together like a puzzle. The result is a removable divider system.

You can make each of the divisions a different size. However, because the cork is soft and flexible, the more cross pieces you put in, the more stable the drawer divider will be. I also cut leftover cork to fit into the bottom of each drawer to keep the cork from sliding around. If you hot glued your cork pieces together, that would also reduce the wobble.

And this is what they drawers looked like before I filled them.

It's amazing how much more you can fit into a space when things are properly folded and organized. I had no idea how many socks I had! This project makes me way too happy, even though no one but you will ever see it. Alas.

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