Sew & Tell: Boxy Chiffon Blouse

May 20, 2014

TealTop 002

Confession: I messed up the neckline again. There I was, carefully cutting out the sides hem of this top, but I miscalculated the width of the neckline. It was so large the top threatened to slip off my shoulders, and I was in a pickle again. This is one of those fabrics that is better with fewer seams, so I didn't want to stitch one straight down the front or back which would mean I'd loose some of the drape. Instead I resorted to an old trick - adding pleats to the neckline.

TealTop 005

It kind of looks like this other top I sewed, but this time I didn't add rolled sleeves, and created a hi-low hem. The edges are all done in Seams Soft, which you apply like fold over elastic. It's really great for sheers because it's so light (almost like netting) and it doesn't add any extra stiffness to the edges so your fabric still drapes properly.

TealTop 006

When I wear this it feels like I'm wearing silky pyjamas around all day. It's so comfortable.

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