Letting Out Your Jean's Waistband

April 22, 2014


Do you ever get buyer's regret? These jeans fit perfectly through the butt and thigh, but while the waist band was a little too snug, the larger sizes didn't fit as well everywhere else. Maybe I'm just awkwardly shaped, but it's an issue I run into whenever I try to buy pants or shorts and it's very annoying.

I mourned my new jeans and their lovely dark wash. They sat in my closet for more than a year, only taken out when I didn't have to do a lot of sitting or eating (almost never). I considered donating them, but decided to try letting out / taking out the waistband.

Low and behold (as you can see in the photo), my jeans are comfortable. Helloo gorgeous. I added a triangle of denim (I saved from hemming jeans) to each side seam. I never wear shirts tucked in so I don't think anyone will know. The color is pretty close, and there's even a bit of yellow original top stitching to match.

Do your jeans fit well everywhere except the waist? Try it! I followed this tutorial posted at Cotton and Curls. Maybe you can give some beloved old jeans a longer life.

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