Sourdough Workshop: Cleaning Up

February 18, 2014

[photo Dishwashing by Christopher Cotrell]
Cleaning up flour and water can be a bit of a pain. You have to be extra careful not to get dough in your drain or you'll end up with a backed up sink in no time. I learned this one the hard way.

Here are some tips for cleaning up when you're baking
  • Use cold water to wash your bowls and floured utensils! Warm water will cook flour, and you'll end up with gummy sticky bits instead of flour dissolved in water.
  • Adding a little white vinegar can help break down the gluten, and make it easier to clean off your sink.
  • A bench scraper is exactly what you need for cleaning off a surface with fine bits of dried dough stuck to it. Scrape it off like ice off a car wind-shield, throw those dried bits in the garbage, then wipe your surface with a damp cloth to get the rest.
Happy baking :)

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