Sew and Tell: Chiffon High-Low Skirt

August 24, 2013


Sewing a narrow rolled hem in a curve is an exercise in patience, especially when working with satin and chiffon. The only way to do it is SLOWLY. Also, steam the crap out of it when you'e finished. Steaming hides a multitude of sins.


This skirt has an elastic waistband, and a satin lining. It's floaty and has a lot of movement to it, so it was a  hard to get a non-blurry photo. By the time I got it settled, it had creased a little, but you can see the idea right? It looks better in person.

Want to sew one? Here's a tutorial via Cotton and Curls.

Tips for sewing with chiffon:

  • Use a stitch length between 1.5 and 2.
  • Keep the pressure light (I had mine at 2)
  • Use a fine needle (I used a 70/100)
  • To keep it from getting stuck in the machine, put a piece of masking tape over the hole, or switch to a single hole plate. 

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