In Progress: Sewing Glitter Dot Fabric (Part 1)

February 07, 2013

SOOO, I took apart an old project. This one to be precise:

Refashioned Sequin Top
I didn't cut the sequin fabric the first time around, and I hand stitched it, so it came apart pretty easily, turning into one big rectangle of fabric (actually two, the glitter dot layer is sheer, and it has a navy lining).

My plan was to turn it into a simple rectangular top, kind of like this, which should have been an easy-peasy little evening project. Not so! It turns out. The sequins on this top aren't stitched on, they're glued, and that meant constantly gumming needles, and breaking thread. AHHH!!!!

I'd sew for about 4 inches and then the thread would break. In fact, I resorted to hand sewing because it was faster. Of course, I didn't know what this kind of fabric was called so I didn't think about Googling for tips until this morning. I learned a few things that might help me along...
  1. Don't use a ball point needle. OOPS.
  2. Go slower. I must be more patient. *sigh*
  3. Clean the needle with alcohol, and rub some wax on it or some kind of conditioning solution to make the needle less likely to stick.
Well, okay, at least I know now? I'll tackle the neckline and shoulders this week. 

You know, the more I sew, the less I find I'm willing to buy in the stores. The quality of fabric and construction on most clothing these days is so poor that it's just not worth it. 

I'll post a photo when I'm done. I'm still a little worried that the neckline will come out all wobbly.

Click here for part 2 and the finished top.

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