Sewn: Denim Camera Bag

August 10, 2017

Denim Camera Bag

I have a hard time letting go of old jeans. Canvas is just too useful because it's durable, and comes in lovely shades of blue. One pair of old jeans was the perfect amount to make a spacious messenger bag with a few pockets.

Denim Camera Bag

There is a zippered pocket down the front under the flap. There's an open pocket in the back. I always prefer an open pocket on the rear of a purse or bag so that if I'm going anywhere I can slip in maps, plane tickets, passports, or even just napkins for easy access. There's a zippered welt pocket on the inside, big enough to hold a wallet and cell phone. Because there is no zipper closing up the interior under the flap it's nice to have the option for a little security. Our previous camera bag had a zipper for the interior, but it always got in the way so I left it out for easy access. Sometimes you just want to snap a photo quickly!

Denim Camera Bag

It's fully lined, but I also quilted a removable padded insert for the camera. It gives the whole thing some structure, and also will help with any bumps and falls. The insert is felt and reclaimed quilting batting.

Would you technically call this a refashion? I'm not sure, since a bag is not clothing, but it still fall under fashion accessories. It's definitely an upcycle. I like that it's not so obviously a pair of pants anymore, and almost like it was almost meant to be a bag.

In the mood for making? Here is a tutorial for a messenger bag. It doesn't have the same dimensions, but the idea is the same. With a little addition to the side panels you could make one too.

And to make a camera insert (for any bag) here's a tutorial.

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