Sewn: Adult Tee to Toddler Tunic

June 22, 2017

Upcycled Top

This is super fast if you've already got a tunic pattern on hand. I used some leftover bits of a jersey dress for the sleeves and the neckband. The shirt had a pattern I liked, but had stretched out weirdly so it didn't fit right. I saved the bottom hem and simply cut out two pieces from the shirt. Reusing the bottom hem was also a time saver.

The neckline is a little wider on this top, and the fabric is a little stretchier, so I think the little bean will be able to wear this long into her toddlerhood.

I used the Color Blocked Tunic pattern again, only I skipped the color blocking altogether. I think the whole thing sewed up in 30 minutes, quick enough to finish while the kiddo napped. Reuse WIN. Naptime WIN.

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