Sewn: Toddler Skinny Jeans

May 04, 2017

Toddler Jeggings

Sometimes the little bean wants to try on Mommy's clothes. This time, when she tried jumping into my jeans, I got to tell her now she had her very own. She spent the rest of the day wearing these leggings so that she looked like Mommy. She refused to take them off, and it was soooo adorable! (I'm biased, I know)

Toddler Upcycled Jean Leggings

So on to the construction details!

I followed this tutorial: Little Girl Skinny Jeans Using a Leggings Pattern, but I didn't have a pattern on hand. I made my own pattern and here's a simple tutorial on how to do that: Super Simple Leggings.

The material is re-purposed from an old pair of Levis jean leggings, so it has a bit of stretch to it. The faux pockets were made by cutting out the original pockets then trimming them down so they were small enough to fit my toddler jeans. Since they're faux pockets, you can just tuck the raw edges underneath. I didn't bother with the faux front pockets, because I skipped making a waistband for the jeans. Instead I attached the elastic using the method in the Super Simple Leggings tutorial. I also widened the legs on the leggings just a little bit, because though the material is slightly stretchy, it's still thick and I was worried they wouldn't be comfortable to move in.

Now next time we'll talk about the toddler bomber jacket. Now that was such a satisfying sew.

Handmade Outfit

Notes: If you follow the Super Simple Leggings tutorial, make sure to slope the top of the rear half of the jeans by about 1 inch (so that where the rear seam meets, it's an inch higher than the front seam). That will ensure pampers don't show. I didn't do this, and while it's not a wearability problem, it does bug me a little.

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