Sewn: The Ollie Bomber

May 18, 2017

Toddler Outfit

This is the Ollie Bomber by Sew A Little Seam. I hadn't bought a pattern from them before, so I tried out the free 2T pattern version. I appreciate how few pieces there were to the pattern, which usually means a simple sew! And it was! Mostly. The parts that weren't simple were really my fault. I can never stick to the sewing instructions.

Toddler Bomber Jacket Back

The pattern is meant for a knit, not a woven, so I added an half inch to the center back piece and a half inch to each front panel. It turns out the jacket is super roomy for my kid, and I probably didn't need to, but I think it means she might be able to wear it longer.

I didn't want to do a lining, but for extra warmth I quilted fleece onto the back of my fabric pieces. I also hand bound the neck seam and hip seam on the inside of the jacket so that it's both neat and soft for the little bean. The outer fabric was shredding even though I serged the edges, so it helps.

Bomber Jacket Details

(FYI the outer fabric is from old table cloths)

Lastly, I didn't have the right length of zipper, so I chopped it and had to zigzag the ends so that the zipper wouldn't pull off. It's probably not the most sturdy, but it works for now.

I actually want one for myself now! All the colors have me happy, and according to the little bean, the more colors the better!

For the jeans in the first photo, check out this post with links to tutorials here.

Handmade Outfit

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