Sewn: The Grown Up Tote

March 22, 2017

Faux leather purse

Perhaps all the bags I sew for myself are meant for adults, but this is the first one that actually makes me feel 'grown up'. Sophisticated. What have you. I usually save faux leather for accent bits, but not this time. I splurged on an all faux leather exterior, and used canvas on the inside.

Faux leather purse interior

I am a slightly paranoid person. I prefer zippers on top so that nothing falls out of my purse and no grabby hands can get inside, so it feels kind of risque to have a magnetic clasp instead. Maybe you just think I'm absurd, but it's true. Even if it's a strong magnet, it feels so... open. There aren't any zippers on the interior pockets to make up for security. There's one large pocket, and one divided pocket. As a compromise, if you look carefully towards the right hand side of the bag, you can see a hook that I can attach a zippered envelope purse (I made previously) to.

Tassel for purse

And there's a tassel, because at some point in time tassels were cool. It makes it look less plain for sure. Maybe I'll make some colorful pom poms to attach if I'm in a different mood. It's kind of nice having a neutral bag to play around with.

Lastly, here's a sneak peak behind the scenes. The little bean didn't wan to be left out!

Photographer's apprentice

Next time on the blog: A faux leather strap tutorial.

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