Low Stakes Crafting

March 08, 2017

Some days a girl just wants to have some quick low commitment fun with a glue gun, right?

So exhaustion hit, and well, I just needed to get out of a rut. I pulled apart an old Christmas wreath, dismantled some pretty silk flowers in a vase, and ta-da! A little doorway refresher.

Doorway improvement

And then there's the inevitable problem of having a small child and not a lot of storage. There are always toys underfoot. You have to be careful when you're out there going for a late night snack or glass of water, because next thing you know it's *squeak* "G*d Damn!" *more cursing*.

Now another thing you also accumulate a lot of with a small child, not yet potty trainable, with no cloth diaper service, and a busy life is pampers boxes. I had them in the living room as storage, because they're actually super sturdy. But it just looked like baby mess everywhere (which it really is), nonetheless...

Toys everywhere

In an attempt to maintain some sense of 'hey this used to be a style blog' or some sort of blog more sophisticated thing than my life right now... I covered a few pampers boxes in canvas to make myself feel better. It probably doesn't make you feel any better, but I do. Here, have a look at some tidiness that will probably only last about 5 minutes.

Cleaning up

Ahh... back to real life.

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