Alterations To Some Oldies

January 10, 2017

Self-sewing makes you super picky. It's a sickness.

There were two tops that I sewed back when I was just starting out that I wasn't really sure about so didn't wear often. To make them more wearable I made a couple of alterations.

First: A fix to a droopy neckband.
Solution: Tacking the ribbing down (by-hand). My mistake the first time around was making the neck band too loose, so it gaped. This is not a perfect solution, but the gaping is not as noticeable now, and the top is now in regular rotation in my summer wardrobe, because it's just so comfortable.

Swing top

Second: Making a super sparkly top more subtle.
Solution: Added a layer of blue netting on top to tone it down. Honestly, I'm not a sparkly person, and going out in sequins is not really part of my lifestyle of jeans and sweatshirts. This is a compromise. I think I might actually wear it out now, but we'll see.

Sparkly Top

And I've been playing with a camera stand plus a self-timer. I haven't quite worked out where I can stand inside the house, but the weather is making it difficult to take shots outside these days. I shall play!

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