Sewn: Black Maxi Skirt

November 08, 2016

Black Maxi

I attempted a gathered maxi skirt once before, but it felt like I was wearing a tutu. The skirt turned out way too full at the hips, because the fabric I used was too stiff. The trick is choosing the right fabric. This time I chose a thin jersey with a lot of drape.

It's hard wrangling so much fabric. The fabric was three times as wide as it was long, and because it was so stretchy it kept slipping as I sewed it.

In the end I still love the skirt. The maxi was just tricky to photograph, because although it has a slit, the slit is rather modest (so I can wear it to work), and you can't see it unless I'm walking.

The verdict: Not quick, but worth the effort!
The tutorial: 4 step DIY maxi skirt with optional slits.

Black Maxi

That's me digging for the slit somewhere in the skirt. As with all really twirly fabrics, it was hard to photograph this one.

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