Sewn: Jersey Maxi Skirt

September 13, 2016

Also maxi skirt

First off, a confession. I totally messed up this skirt! I didn't add any extra ease, and then I sewed it inside out by accident. Instead of unpicking the threads, I cut off the seams and sewed them the right way a second time, so the end result was way more snug than I'd have liked.

The pattern instructions I used also didn't take into account a large hip to waist ratio, so it would have been a little tight around the bum even if I hadn't sewn it wrong. SO after snapping some photos I was pretty unhappy with, because BUNCHING, I cut off the fold over waistband and sewed a new one. Now it sits lower and looser, which helps a lot, but it's still a little snug around the bum, so pantylines do show unless I wear something more delicate.

Maxi skirt

The end result is wearable and comfortable though. I think this skirt will be in steady rotation through the fall and spring. Maxi skirts are like jogging pants that I can wear to work without feeling too dressed down in. WIN.

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