First Garden Harvest of the Year

July 05, 2016

Things are happening in the garden folks! I haven't had a chance to snap a photo, but the flowers are blooming, the beans have sprouted, and the herbs are almost all ready to use.

Garden harvest1

I couldn't resist clipping some thyme, lavender, and chives. Some of the thyme went into a pot of pasta sauce. Personally I think it tastes so much like oregano it's a perfectly good substitute. Our oregano didn't turn out well, so this will do. I also love the wee flowers on the little bushes of thyme.

Garden harvest2

The chard is already ready to pick, and it's lovely and sweet, and I love the red color. Our weird little toddler grabbed one of the leaves and started eating it raw. Oh, I'm so proud. Instilling a love of vegetables into the kiddo was the whole point of the garden! (Mind you, she just loves food - period. I don't think the girl has tastebuds.)

Garden harvest

And for us grownups, I sauteed the chard with a splash of red wine, garlic, rosemary sea salt (dried rosemary also from the garden), and topped it with some deep fried onions. Tasty. I think it tastes better because of how much work we put into the garden.

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