Couch Slipcovers

June 07, 2016

My most useful sewing project to date has been my dining table chair slipcovers. With the toddler around, food gets flung EVERYWHERE. It's amazing how far it will end up. We draped some old blankets from Goodwill on our couches for everyday, since the tod climbs all over them, and drools, and spills things... if you have a kid, you know how it is.

This worked fine, and we'd just take off the blankets if people were coming over to visit, but the blankets would often fall off in places, and generally wouldn't stay put. So... as much as they are a tedious pain to make: slipcovers.

I took the blankets which already were large enough to cover the love seat and sofa, and pinned them in place bad side up, and trimmed the fabric. There was no measuring involved, as these are not really for looks, but function. Then I basted them all together with a hand stitch before running them through my sewing machine.

Here's the final product. Not the most stylish of things, but hey, practically free, and really just for catching messes. Maybe when baby has grown, I'll make some in a better color - or not. As I said, they're a tedious pain to sew. This is why slipcovers cost so much.

Admire my sharp corners please and thank you. :D

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