Fiesta Themed Baby Party Decorations - Part 1

March 01, 2016

Time flies, friends. I do love throwing a couple parties a year, especially since I love cooking for people. I didn't have much time for either of those things in 2015, so I wanted to do something fun for baby's first birthday. One day after impulse buying a package of 80 flour tortillas, a theme was born. A little silly, but true. Inspiration comes from everywhere, folks.

Of course you need some tissue paper pennants if you're having a fiesta. These were ridiculously easy to make and practically free. Do you save the tissue paper that comes with gift bags you get? This was a good way to reuse some of it. All you need to do is cut a rectangle of tissue, make a few strips at the bottom, and staple one edge over some ribbon or string. We doubled the tissue paper layers so there was a bit more strength and fluff to each pennant.

There will be babies at the party, and they're too young to know what to do with a piñata, so we put up a piñata inspired "1" on the wall. We glue-sticked (totally a word) leftover tissue paper fringe to a "1" cut out of a paper bag. Bright? Check. Simple? Check.

Next post, party favours and wall decor!

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