Fiesta Themed Baby Party Decor - Part 2

March 15, 2016

I wish I had a whole wall of these tissue paper flowers all year round, but it would make cleaning a little bit difficult. *sigh* These were taped up above the buffet / party favour table, to brighten up a big grey blank space. They're surprisingly easy to make and took around five minutes per flower (my kind of craft). I used more recycled gift bag tissue paper, so they were also free.

The colorful gift bags for the kids are from the dollar store and tied up with lime green crepe paper streamers. The brown paper packages are for the adults. I wanted to give them something too, since not all of the adults invited have kids. They're just pieces of brown packaging paper, taped with washi tape to make a pocket, plus more green crepe paper to hold them closed. Simple.

Want to make your own paper flowers like these ones? Here's a tutorial. I didn't have crepe paper on hand, but tissue worked out just fine and I just taped a couple of sheets together to make the sheets longer. For even easier tissue paper flowers, check out this tutorial.

These would also make awesome photo backdrops or wedding decorations, yes?


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