Fleece Toddler Toques (Warm Winter Hat / Beanie)

February 02, 2016

Like I said before, soooo many babies! I wish I could sew for all of them, but my time is limited. I did manage to whip up these two toques. A toque is a beanie or warm winter hat depending on where you live. I don't have a tutorial for the toque with ears, it was kind of put together on the go, but the pom pom hat is seriously simple. You just need to sew 3 straight lines! I can no longer find a tutorial, but if your Google-fu is strong, you might be able to.

I'm looking for interesting backdrops for photos these days. I think I like the sherpa blanket above. It's so cuddly, and doesn't need ironing (Bonus!).

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