Baby Tank Top

February 16, 2016

It's not quite warm enough to use this tank top as anything other than an undershirt, but it helps keep baby cozy under her footie pajamas. It's also made of ribbed knit, so should be wearable for a long while. The trim is a cut off from an old knit dress I thought had a cute pattern to it.

This free Baby Tank Top pattern was a starting point. Because the pattern isn't meant for knits, I reduced the flare on the side seams, and didn't use the front pattern piece. Instead, I doubled the back piece. I also lengthened the top because baby's round little belly was sticking out. The bottom isn't finished since the knit won't fray. It's a sweet little pattern with lots of shoulder strap options, and so versatile.

She's also chewing her favorite shoes again.

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