Sew & Tell: Baby Moccacins

January 11, 2016

You guys, these are the best things ever. Seriously, baby moccasins not only look cute, but they're grippy enough for baby to walk around on hardwood floors without slipping, plus they're also soft enough that they don't interfere with mobility. Best of all, when you sew them yourself they're super cheap and quick to make. I used faux leather / vegan leather for mine, and they're both cute, super light, and easy to pull on. The only downside to faux leather is that it isn't breathable and baby's feet sweat a little if she's in them too long, so we only use them on outings.

I made two pairs because they were so quick to make. They are also the little bean's favorite teether of choice, so if they're not on her feet, they're in her mouth (unfortunately). Look mama, almost walking!

And a rare non-moving look at those feet. Of course, this is all partly an excuse to post cute baby photos...

Want the tutorial and free pattern? Fringed Baby Moccasins by Simply Small Wonders. This pattern fits babies 6 to 12 months.

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