Baby's First Christmas

December 07, 2015


And the mall was braved for baby's first year
So that photos with Santa could be saved
And the house was decked out with holiday cheer

Christmas cheer

I used to love the holiday season, but it can lose little magic when you're in a household of two adults. Now that we're three, I'm starting to remember all the things I enjoyed, like making my own decorations and wrapping presents with things I find around the house. I don't have much storage space, so made some paper garlands with recycled papers and some fishing line. Since our wee one is so curious and strong, we opted not to have a tree, and I made a paper one from recycled gift wrap to put up on the wall. All the gifts are off the floor and out of reach too, so it's all safe from baby drool and sticky fingers.

It's time to create some good memories for the little bean! I think it will be a good holiday season. I hope yours is lovely too.

Seasons Greetings!

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