Quick Crafts: Painted Cork Mousepads

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's hard squeezing in time for crafts with a demanding baby that doesn't like to nap, so I've been getting my crafty fix in short bursts of a few minutes here and there. This hardly counts as a tutorial. These mousepads are so easy that the hardest part is picking out a color combination you like.

1. Cut mousepad shapes from cork. To round the edges you can trace the edge of a cup or bottle. Next, use painters tape to create a design.

2. Paint each section a different color. I did three coats of each colour because cork is porous and I wanted them to be highly saturated.

3. Peel off tape when paint is dry.

Optional: Brush on a couple coats of sealer for smoother mousing. Use a permanent marker, or paint to colour the edges of your mousepads. 

That's it! It's amazing that this feels like such an accomplishment. Getting 10 minutes here and there to be creative? As much as I love my baby, I've missed having a little time to myself. Even 10 minutes is a gift. Look for more of these quick crafts in the future! At least, when I manage to squeeze out a little time.

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