How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 08, 2015

Here's the latest update!

Things are looking better out there. The lettuce has come and gone. Now the other plants are growing fast. We have a few tomatoes growing. Still green but there's enough summer heat left for them to ripen.

The lavender has been resuscitated from near death. It's amazing how many bees and butterflies it attracts.

There are tiny tiny cucumbers on this vine and plenty more flowers. It seems to gain an inch or three daily.

And here's a giant pot of lime basil and sweet basil. I spilled some parsley in there too. Oops. I'm harvesting it already.

The raspberries and currants are done. Now I'm still waiting for blueberries and grapes. There's jam in my future.

Surprised how much I'm enjoying gardening. Plants are like really low key pets. I haven't named them but it makes me smile when they grow.

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