Garden Update

We've done some more planting and some of the seeds we planted have sprouted!

There's lettuce and if you look closely, some of the cucumber seeds have popped up near the trellis.

There are some tiny tomato and pepper plants beside the currant bush. Hopefully they'll grow fast enough so we can have a harvest this year.

We cut back the apple tree because it was neglected and diseased. It's doing much better this year. I was worried we wouldn't be able to revive it.

And the herbs have me most excited! Tiny oregano and thyme in the first planter. Tarragon and sage in the second.  Sadly I only see one sage sprout! I'm hoping the others are just slower to germinate. At least that's one?

And we planted an obscene amount of basil in 2 varieties. I'm not sure if those sprouts are basil or weeds though.

So far no sign of beans, zucchini, chives or parsley! Hope we didn't plant them too late.