Sewing for Baby

March 04, 2015

For someone that sews so much, I haven't done much sewing for our own baby! Most of the sewing I've done for baby so far has been practical rather than sweet. We received a bunch of hand me downs which I'm SO grateful for and there wasn't much that I needed to make.

Take for example these burp cloths. I cut up some old towels and lined the back with more colourful fabric. Not exactly heirloom material, but they'll do for wiping up the spit and spills that are bound to happen.

baby 004

Then there's the nursing pillow. I sewed it from some leftover cotton curtain fabric, and then made a washable cover from old flannel. I'll be the first to admit the flannel is UGLY, but it is soft. There's an envelope closure at one end so it's removable.

baby 003

And you can never have enough storage. I sewed 3 fabric bins and they're already full of baby socks, hats, and bottles. They're at the bottom of the changing table. The last bin is a cardboard box I covered with fabric. The fabric bins fit in the bookshelf that is off to the right outside of the camera view, but it's more useful to have them in the changing table for now.

baby 002

Lastly, I made a changing pad. Right now it's covering the foam that came with the changing table. It's vinyl over a sandwich of cotton fabric that came from a crib bumper, with a thin hand me down receiving blanket for padding in between the cotton. At least the moons and stars match the nursery theme.

Maybe you're a practical person too? Here are the links to tutorials so you can make your own:

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