A Matching Set

March 31, 2015

bagset (2)

Somehow I've ended up sewing a matching set of bags! They're all packed and ready for the hospital. One is for mom, one for dad, and one for baby.

bagset (1)

The first one I sewed was the canvas and denim duffle bag. It's the largest and heaviest of the three, because I wasn't sure how to make the bag bottom sturdy. I ended up using some old jeans and cotton batting to reinforce it, but with hindsight that was overkill, hard to sew through and heavy. It's still so useful. It's become our weekend trip bag of choice, and it fits almost all airline carry-on restrictions (which was the point). I'm glad the straps are sturdy canvas, because we usually stuff that thing full!

The second bag I sewed is the faux leather bottom tote. It's simple and zippered. It's my favourite bag, because it's lightweight, holds a lot of things, and doesn't take up too much space. It was my first time successfully sewing with faux leather, and I loved it. Faux leather sews up as smooth as butter, but it's a one shot deal because once you make holes they're there forever. I wasn't sure about the straps and just tacked them on. The strap angles aren't quite right, so the bag bunches a little if I wear it on my shoulder. Who knew that made a difference?! Lesson learned. I also messed up because I realized I needed an exterior pocket AFTER I finished sewing it. Consequently, there's only a tiny zippered pocket on the inside (it used to be bigger), because the stitching on the outside pocket goes through both the exterior and lining.

The last bag I sewed was the diaper bag / weekend bag. It has the most complicated shape of the three, has the most pockets, a leather bottom with purse feet, and an inset zipper. I didn't quite have enough faux leather for the straps, so they're quite thin, but I'll see how well they hold up. Maybe I should have added some padding inside them? But, so far so good.

3 bags, many lessons learned. All useful.

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