Sew & Tell: Diaper Bag

February 11, 2015

Since I've started sewing I've gotten very picky about my bag needs. Most of the ones I find in the store are missing one or two elements that I really love (like a hook for my keys or extra pockets), so I decided to sew my own diaper bag. This one is inspired by the Kate Spade Striped Stevie Baby Bag.

Diaper Bag (1)

It didn't turn out exactly the same. I wanted the bag to be a little larger, I simplified the shape, added a pocket to the front, plus a faux leather bottom with purse feet.

Diaper Bag (2)

There's an inset zip so that the bag has extra capacity and I prefer zippers because I know that things aren't going to fall out. The interior is sewn from water resistant nylon and has 9 pockets. It may sound kind of excessive, but I love organized bags, and all of them are full already. The bag turned out so large that there's enough room for that many pockets, plus the three exterior ones. There's one long pocket along one side that isn't visible in this photo, but is big enough for the changing pad.

Baby Bag Interior

It's a bit hard to photograph the lining of a floppy bag! I hope you can get the idea from here. I figure I can use this as a weekend bag even when the diaper days are done with. It's lightweight which is a bonus so I can stuff a lot in there and still carry it around.


I also sewed a couple of stroller attachment straps so I can clip it on if needed. The straps are made of nylon, hooks, and velcro.

Now, I'm not the biggest lover of pink, but it makes me smile that the interior is unexpectedly bright while the exterior is so subdued. I almost grabbed my sunglasses while I was sewing it up.

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