Nursery in Progress: DIY Woodland Mobile

January 07, 2015

Never leave me alone in a room with a glue gun and scissors. I went to town on some felt, and many drips and scattered pieces of felt later, this is what happened over two nights of madness:


The hardest part was figuring out the hanging contraption. I ended up taking two wooden dowels, pressing them between two pieces of felt, and gluing like crazy. I hid the join with even MORE felt and glue, cutting out leaves from some of my scraps. Getting the strings to hang even, took more time than I expected, but I think I managed it in the end.

I took some inspiration from mobiles I saw online, and picked some of the animals I wanted to include: a bunny, a fox, a fawn, and a squirrel. To speed up the process I used my sewing machine to sew the animals together instead of hand stitching, and trimmed the excess felt afterwards.

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