Tutorial: DIY Poster Frame


Here's a simple way to display your artwork, in a way that you can change it up easily! This is going in the nursery, so I didn't want to use glass frames in case baby tries to touch.

I think this would make a great gift to showcase some of your artwork, or photos of you and your friends, or your favourite quotes, even magazine pages you adore.

Materials and Tools:
  • faux leather / vinyl / felt / any material that won't fray
  • clear vinyl / plastic
  • sewing machine
  • 2  1/4 -1/2" diameter dowels 1" wider than the artwork you plan to hang
  • embroidery floss / twine 

Step 1: Cut a piece of faux leather wide enough to leave a border around your artwork. Also leave 2" of extra length on the top and bottom for wrapping around your dowels.

Step 2: Make a casing for each dowel. Wrap the extra leather around your dowel, and sew a stitch as close as you can to the dowel. A zipper foot can help with this. Repeat for the bottom of the frame. The second dowel will give your frame some weight so your artwork hangs flat.

Dowel casing. Really just a fold wide enough to insert your dowel into.

Step 3: Slide out the dowels. This will make sewing on the clear vinyl easier.

Step 4: Cut your vinyl the same width as the leather, but ensure it doesn't overlap with either dowel casing. 

Step 5: Sew along 3 edges of the vinyl, attaching it to the leather. Leave the top open for inserting your artwork.

Sew along the dotted lines.

Step 6: Use a small punch to make 2 holes in the back of the leather along the top casing. Thread some embroidery floss through the hole on one end and tie to secure. Tie the other end of the embroidery floss to the other hole at the other end. This will be how you hang your artwork.

See the hole in the dowel casing?

Step 7: Optional: Embellish with tassels. Use a dab of hot glue inside the casing to secure your dowels to the leather.

It may look like a lot of steps, but the whole thing is really just a big clear pocket! Enjoy.


Note: The bird print is via the Biodiversity Library. If you're into botanical or nature prints they've got tons of public domain images available. I'll probably change it out for an illustrated alphabet or something more kid friendly when I find some artwork I like.