Jam Session

Isn't it beautiful? That's the last of summer's figs, strawberries, and blackberries. The blackberries were picked from bushes near our house, and the blueberries were part of my mom's haul over the summer. The figs were from our neighbour's tree that overhangs the fence. They were hanging out in the freezer for a while, and needed some attention.

I wanted to experiment with some new flavours and recipes this year. What resulted was a beautiful assortment of jams. They're not particularly beautiful to photograph in the jar, but I assure you they're delicious.


Here are three recipes that don't require pectin, and taste tested by yours truly.
  • Cinnamon Fig - My favorite of the three. Lemon, ginger, and cinnamon are a heavenly combo. Just the right amount of spice and tang! I was surprised. This was the recipe I was least certain about.
  • Blackberry Blueberry - The blueberries cut back the acidity of the blackberries, so it's a lot mellower than plain blackberry jam. Delicious.
  • Strawberry Fig - I threw in about 100g of blackberries (see photo) because I didn't have quite enough strawberries on hand. The blackberries are also higher in natural pectin, so helped it come together a little better. This tastes like a bright strawberry jam. 
I doubled up the recipes, and ended up with twenty-two 250 ml jars of jam. I like to leave the jam a little chunky so you can see pieces of fruit when you spread it on toast. I also always like to add lemon peel into the jam even if the recipe doesn't call for it. Extra brightness! Home made is so much yummier than store bought.