Sew & Tell: Drapey Cardigan

September 17, 2014

I'm in loooove. This cardigan is super generous with the drape and can be worn multiple ways. I found some 4 way stretch jersey which was a dream to work with, and used this free wrap cardigan pattern by Megan Neilsen. I was impressed by how easy the instructions were to follow, and this came together in a couple hours with plenty of breaks in between.

Black Drapey Cardigan 3

It's warm and thick, and as my baby bump grows, it will still fit. You can't see much now but I'll need all that extra fabric in a few months!

Black Drapey Cardigan

I think this last photo is my favorite way to wear it: thrown over one shoulder like a shawl. It's like a blanket. It's like dressing for the post-apocalypse (which despite all the girly clothes I post, is actually more my style).

Black Drapey Cardigan 2

I only made a few slight changes to the design. I increased the width of the sleeves, and added wrist cuffs. I also reinforced the shoulder seams with some extra stitching. This was a very satisfying afternoon project, and I'm sure I'll wear this like crazy over the winter.

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