Ikea Rast Dresser Makeover

September 25, 2014

We've been badly in need of dressers for the bedroom, and two months after having boxes of clothing on the floor, and searching everywhere for dressers that would fit beside our bed, we ended up at Ikea. In the end we settled on two RAST three drawer chests. The dressers are solid unfinished pine, and it's hard to beat the 40$ CAD price tag.

Ikea RAST dresser (photo from catalogue)
There are so many hacks for the dresser online. We opted to do something that several other people have before, and go for a bit of a mid-century look. We stained the outside boards with Minwax dark chestnut, and sealed them with a couple coats of polyurethane before assembling the dressers.


We painted the drawers white with some leftover paint from the house. I'd suggest using a semi-gloss enamel paint if you do this yourself.


There was also a sale on kitchen cabinet knobs when we were at Ikea, so we changed out the wooden ones that came with the dresser for black metal. I think they were a steal for $1.60 a pair! Two weeks (plus a lot of trial and error) later, here is one of the finished dressers.


We kept the insides of the drawers unfinished since no one will see it but us. Now El's confident about staining anything or everything, and I may have some other projects for him to help me with! 

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