Flax and Lavender Dryer Sachets (Dryer balls / Fabric Softener)

May 27, 2014

El is obsessed with smelly things, and one of those things if fabric softener. Unfortunately, the chemicals give me headaches and rashes. I read up about different natural fabric softeners, and decided to try sewing flax and lavender filled dryer sachets.


I'm happy to report that they held up in the dryer really well! I put 4 bags in one dryer load. Flax retains heat so they were still warm even though the clothes had cooled by the time we pulled them out. They also still smelled subtly of lavender. Perhaps some other dried herbs would work too, but I had some dried lavender on hand from my cousin's garden.

The flax adds the weight needed for the sachets to tumble around in your dryer. I filled them with about a 2 tbsp of flax, plus 1 tbsp of lavender each. While not using these in the laundry they can help freshen my clothes drawers too. As a bonus, lavender helps repel pests and moths.

Sure I could have made them from prettier fabric, but for laundry, I just wanted to keep them simple with no chance of bleeding out on my other fabrics.

I don't have a tutorial for you, but if you want to make your own, you can even use old socks to make these instead: Dryer Balls from Old Socks, and Homemade Dryer Balls.

Notes: I omitted using essential oils because I have sensitive skin. Only use whole flax seeds.

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