Faux Leather Bottom Tote

May 06, 2014


I'm totes in love. Here's another tote! There's something so satisfying about sewing a bag when you need one, and because I was headed off for NYC, I wanted something large enough and comfy enough to carry around my essentials (plus maybe a little shopping).


I picked up a faux leather roll end for .99c at Dressew. the upper canvas is from a bolt of waterlogged canvas that I got for free. I cut off the water stained parts and the rest is perfectly usable. Total cost for this purse excluding thread? Probably about 5$. That's hard to beat.


This was the first time I tried out my new teflon foot and leather needle. It worked without a hitch. I didn't have any trouble sewing through 2 layers of faux leather. This is the technique I used for the handles.


I also added a couple of pockets to the interior. It was the first time I made a proper inserted zipper pocket too. Look how nice and flat and clean that is on the inside. Gorgeous.


Want to make your own? Here's the tutorial I followed via See Kate Sew. Note: The straps are different and I added pockets to the interior.

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