Sew & Tell: Simple Tote with Pouch

April 29, 2014


Sometimes I run out of the office to pick up a few things I need in the day, or make a library run. It's nice to have a tote bag around 'just in case'. Sure I have a bunch of ones I use for the supermarket, but they've got logos on them, and don't fold up compactly.


I sewed this little tote out of what used to be a duster (house dress / mumu) in some bright batik fabric. I love batik, and I think it's a shame to wear such colorful fabric just around the house. I'm happy that now I can use it for something else. I sewed a little zipper pouch that fits the tote when I fold it up (about 4" x 4").


The tote itself is about 10" x 10" and is simply a long rectangle folded in half and sewn up the sides. I added some handles to it long enough to sling over my shoulder. It's simple, happy, sewing. So this cute little guy now lives in my purse, waiting for its next adventure.

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