Mom's Pink Wool Jacket (Refashion)

April 08, 2014

Pink Jacket 029

This jacket had seen better days. My mom likes to tell me that she wore it when she was pregnant with me, some oh more than 30 odd years ago. I remember seeing her wear it when I was a kid, and always thinking of it as "mom's coat". I've always admired the stitching details on the shoulders and collar.

By the time I got my hands on it, the wrists and hem had gone threadbare. The lining was ripped in places and just falling apart. The pockets had also fallen out. I set out to do a total overhaul. I'm afraid I didn't take a before shot, but what I did do was cut off the arms, and add some dark pink wool color blocking to it. I also brought up the bottom hem by 2 inches to get rid of the damaged parts. The biggest job was redoing the lining. I used the interlining as a template to cut out a new lining, and fiddled with easing in the sleeves.

Pink Jacket 015

Check out that luscious new satin lining. It was my first time "bagging a lining" and I'm surprised that by some miracle it just worked. It's silky and warm and cozy now. The interlining really made a difference! I sewed the original interlining back in because it was only a little raw in a couple of places. I actually sewed the lining twice, because I had no idea what it meant to ease in a sleeve and cut off the excess fabric (mistake!). The result was a lining that was too tight and restricted motion. I originally also skipped adding in the interlining and I could feel the wool poking through the satin, so I had to start from scratch.

Pink Jacket 003

Here's a detail shot of the new pockets and sleeve. Now I have to confess... I messed up the pockets by putting them in backwards the first time around. I had to take them out and start again with some scrap satin I had lying around. I also replaced the original faded pink buttons with these white / chrome ones I had lying around in my stash. I'm not totally sold on the button color, but it is an improvement from the original. Maybe I'll swap them for dark pink or tortise shell someday...

Pink Jacket 005

But now the coat is comfortable and useable again. Yes the original wool is a little bit worn out, but the coat's got so much sentimental value that I can't bear to part with it.

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