Alteration: White Dress to Crop Top and Skirt

April 15, 2014

Pink Jacket 021

This little white dress has been kicking around my closet since I got married in Greece 8 years ago. It's a cotton dress originally from Anne Taylor Loft, and I got it on sale for 20$ in the dead of winter, which was perfect for a civil ceremony (with a warm wrap) at the court house.

But... since I wore it to my wedding, I couldn't think of it as anything other than bridal wear until I found a tutorial online (that I can't find anymore!) for turning a strapless dress into a crop top and skirt set. Perfect! Now I can wear the bottom of it as a skirt if I want to, or a tiny bit of skin barring dress if I'm feeling adventurous. It's really just a tiny tiny bit, as you can see from the photo, less than an inch really, and I like it that way.


This alteration was painstaking. I carefully unstitched the skirt from the top, then refinished both raw edges. I added an invisible zip to the top, and kept the original zipper in the skirt (it's a side zip). I also took in the bottom of the skirt by a couple of inches to make it more straight rather than a-line.


So that's that! Looks like something I'd want to wear on a tropical vacation somewhere instead of my patio in the freezing cold spring. It was really cold out there. I'm glad you can't see me shivering.

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