Vintage Sequin Clutch

March 30, 2014


This panel of sequin fabric has been kicking around my fabric stash for a very long time. It's actually quite special, so I wanted to make sure that I could turn it into something nice. The sequin fabric is a panel from my mom's debutante dress (the only thing that still survives from it). It's all beaded by hand too (WOW). It's been reborn as a sequin clutch purse, with a detachable pearl wrist strap.

SequinPurse 001

There's the panel in the middle, a panel of stiff felt to create the purse body, cotton to create a lining and a white zipper to close it all.

SequinPurse 002

So the first thing I did was create the lining. It's a simple zippered pouch without a lining. It's also inside out so the edges on the outside are unfinished.

SequinPurse 003

Next, because there's beading all the way up the edges of the sequin fabric, I hand sewed up both sides. I couldn't cheat with the sewing machine. When the sides were done, I slipped the felt inside.

SequinPurse 005

Then I put the lining inside the felt, and hand-sewed (again)the edges of the sequin fabric to the edge of the zipper. Add a strand of faux pearls around a detachable clasp, and the clutch is done. It's still very delicate and will be treated with care. At least now it won't be stashed away in the closet and will get to have another day in the sun.

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