Travel Sewing: Clear Makeup Pouch And Luggage Tag

January 11, 2014

When you travel for three weeks with only a carry-on luggage in the winter, space saving is essential. I pared down my makeup to a few essentials, and sewed up a small thin makeup case that fit in my purse.


For the makeup case, I cut apart an old plastic makeup case (that was free!) for the vinyl and zipper. Then I used some stiff canvas for the backing. I like the way the stripes show through the plastic! The sides are bound in navy bias tape for a cleaner finish.

Vinyl Pouch Tutorials:

With leftover vinyl, I sewed a couple of luggage tags. They're really nothing more than two rectangles stitched on three sides, with a hole punched into the top. I inserted a bit of decorated card stock with my name and address on the back, and used a thin hair elastic for the tie part.

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