Sew and Tell: Drawstring Shoe Bags and Hand Carved Stamps

October 26, 2013


When I have to pack shoes on a trip, it's nice to have a bag to keep them separate from the clothes. I sewed up these two bags from a vintage pillow case and a piece of fabric I stamped by hand. The pillow case had a big yellow stain, so I cut out the stain and used bits and pieces of it for a couple of projects.


The stamping turned out better than I expected. It was just a piece of cloth I was using to test my stamps on. I carved the stamps by hand with a lino kit that I picked up on sale. Now I want to stamp EVERYTHING. MUAHAHAHA...


This is what the bag looks like with a belly full of shoes. Pretty right? They'd also make good gift bags, or just bags for anything. To sew your own, here's a good Shoe Bag Tutoial.

Down below are the stamps I carved.

Hand carved stamps #crafts

Interested in stamp making? Here's a How To on Stamp Carving. You could use your stamps to embellish your paper and fabric projects.

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