Sew and Tell: Fleece Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt

September 21, 2013


My previous wardrobe of blacks, greys, browns, and dark greens, somehow transitioned to mauve's, orchids, and pinks. Luck of the draw? For some reason, I keep finding these tones of fabrics on sale. I had some leftover grey fleece on hand, but only enough to make the sleeves of a sweatshirt, so I used some extra pink fleece to fill in the middle bits.

Some days the sewing goes easily, but this time the fleece refused to cooperate. Still, I ended up with a sweatshirt. I traced an old sweatshirt for the pattern, and made up the rest as I went. It's super warm and soft, but not perfect. There's some bunching under the arms, (check out the bottom photo), and the neckline came out a little wobbly due to uneven stretching. Still it's wearable! It'll get a lot of use, I'm sure. I'm a cozy sweater around the house kind of gal.


If you think it looks familiar, its similar in color to the Scrappy Sweatshirt I made last year.

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