Sew and Tell: Fleece Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt


My previous wardrobe of blacks, greys, browns, and dark greens, somehow transitioned to mauve's, orchids, and pinks. Luck of the draw? For some reason, I keep finding these tones of fabrics on sale. I had some leftover grey fleece on hand, but only enough to make the sleeves of a sweatshirt, so I used some extra pink fleece to fill in the middle bits.

Some days the sewing goes easily, but this time the fleece refused to cooperate. Still, I ended up with a sweatshirt. I traced an old sweatshirt for the pattern, and made up the rest as I went. It's super warm and soft, but not perfect. There's some bunching under the arms, (check out the bottom photo), and the neckline came out a little wobbly due to uneven stretching. Still it's wearable! It'll get a lot of use, I'm sure. I'm a cozy sweater around the house kind of gal.


If you think it looks familiar, its similar in color to the Scrappy Sweatshirt I made last year.